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Your Site. Secured.

Every day, people like you put trust in us to keep their website online, secure, and speedy.
We never let them down.

99% Uptime. We Promise.

We know your site needs to be up, that's what you pay us for, and what you're expecting.
We make sure it happens.

Unconditional Support

Day or Night, 24/7, if you have an issue that you can't fix then we'll be there.
Full Support, No matter what.

Welcome to WhiteLionweb

White Lion Web was created with one intent in mind, to provide the best services for clients. The web can be a difficult place to navigate and that's where we come in. Helping you navigate the world of shared web hosting, we help enable your venture to thrive. Offering full scalability, we realize that what's in the best interest for our clients is also in our best interests. We started with ourselves being disgrunteled with the world of web hosts. One minute they say this, next they say that. They'd reply to our tickets with answers we could barely decipher and would outsource all our help. So here we stand, ready to offer you help with our own staff, our own expertise, and our own will.

Our Services

Here is just some of the services that we offer to all of our clients

Gigabit network

We use Multi gigabit connections to keep your site is as fast as possible!

Instant Setup

our plans have a instant setup time, Place your order, poof! Your ready to go!

24/7 Support

Too prevent any issues, We offer 24/7 support from our helpful staff!


Running out of bandwidth? storage? Use our easy upgrade system to get the best deal!

Everything You need

At Whitelionweb we will give you all the tools you need to make your buisness succeed

Backup Systems

All of our systems back up daily to our off-site server to make sure your data is safe!

Powerfull hosting panel

Here at whitelionweb we give all of our customers cPanel which is the most powerfull panel on the market

Store ALL of your multimedia data

Dont you hate it when your host doesnt give you enough space to keep ALL of your data? We make sure you always have enough space for everything you need!

24 hour monitoring

At Whitelionweb We monitor our servers from every Angle, This makes sure your buisness is as fast as possible at all times.